Field Reports

Bosque del Apache & White Sands National Monument

George Theodore, December 3, 2017

Bosque del Apache seems to provide great shooting no matter what. And, the “what” for our workshop participants was weather. Cloudy in Late fall in New Mexico? Really? But, with patience for “the light”, for that break in the clouds, for that “moment” or just using the clouds to our advantage as a backdrop, we came away with such great images it was hard to narrow them down for this report. The cloud cover gave us pretty mild temperatures in those pre-dawn hours and the snow geese and sand hill cranes were right on time with their acts. A part of the north end of the reserve we’ve not seen open in ages, gave us a “new” area to shoot.

White Sands provided quite a contrast to the busy activity of Bosque. Again, we needed patience for light, which was scarce. The skies cleared on our last morning and the timing could not have been better as we were treated to an almost full super moon setting about an hour before sunrise. The contrast between the dark distant mountains and the moonlit dunes was stunning.

Here are samples of images captured by our participants: