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If you've done the Palouse in spring,  you should come watch and photograph the harvest. Different textures, different colors but the same dramatic rolling hills and stunning scenery where the green patchwork of spring is replaced by the yellow and gold of winter wheat and spring wheat.

Occasional dust makes for very interesting photo opportunities and not just at sunrise/sunset. Photographer Terry Eggers who provides local knowledge in addition to his photographic expertise will join George again as he has on prior Palouse tours. We’ll try to order up a few combines to give us harvesting up close and personal. Our home base will be in Pullman, home of Washington State University, which has a number of excellent restaurants that won't break your budget.

Resembling the hills of Tuscany, one can shoot this landscape with everything from wide-angle to long lens and your 300mm to 500mm glass will be right at home especially from Steptoe Butte. We’ll take you to a number of locations known only to a few. We'll shoot great landscape, barns and silos of all colors, shapes, sizes and age and old cars too. We’ll visit a few small towns particularly at meals and you’ll enjoy photographing some of their unique charm.

Palouse Country imagery of hills, valleys, barns, silos and machinery will very quickly become line, shape, form and texture. The Palouse brings out the graphics in photography. Come join us.


Terry is a Seattle based photographer for whom the Palouse regions of Washington and Idaho are as familiar as his own back yard. For thirty years, Terry and his wife Julie have traveled in and around the region an average of more than once a month both in their prior careers and current ones as photographers. See more about Terry at Eggers Photography.

Closest major airport: Spokane (78 miles)
Less than 90 minutes driving time from Pullman

Holiday Inn Express
Pullman, WA
(509) 334-4437
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