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We travel to The Smokys in the spring when flowering trees, meadows and forests should give us plenty to photograph.

These mountains are among the oldest in the world - 200 to 300 million years old - with a biological diversity of over 17,000 documented species of plant life, animals and invertabrates and counting. It's believed that an additional 30,000 to 80,000 species may exist in the park. Almost 25% of the forest is old-growth forest - one of the largest remaining blocks in North America. Add to that rushing streams, glorious sunrises and sunsets and the historic Cades Cove - reflecting a life from the early 19th century to it's demise after the Great Depression - and, surely, we won't be wanting for subject matter. Dogwood should be in their spring apparel and we should encounter a forest floor full of blossoms; a great time to be in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park - a UN designated International Biosphere Reserve.

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