Yosemite Winter Workshop

Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2018  Register now »

This is a magical time to visit the valley. With crowds gone, Yosemite takes on a quiet yet majestic appearance. Come and experience the splendor that is Yosemite in Winter.

We’ll cover all the areas we generally cover during our springtime visits – Cathedral Beach, El Cap Meadows, Valley View, Swinging Bridge and more. Because of the low angle of the sun, we will probably stay out longer than “normal” but we’ll have time for a few indoor classes and critiques – mostly critiques. Light snow in the valley will make it relatively easy to get around and with still waters we should capture some great reflections in the Merced. Expect El Capitan and Half Dome to be white-capped and evergreens with that early winter snow-dusting.

Come join us — it's an absolutely spectacular time of the year at Yosemite.

Maximum participants: 13

Instructors: Tom Bol, George Theodore

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63 Miles from Fresno Airport
185 Miles from San Francisco

Yosemite View Lodge; El Portal CA
(209) 379-2681
Group Rate: $93


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